Strength comes from dichotomy


Agility deals with ease of movement. But agility cannot come from flexibility alone, it takes strength too. If everything were flexible, where would strength come from? To get strength, something has to refuse to give, that is rigidity. In your body, the strongest muscles that produce the largest motion connect to the largest bones. In contract, the most dynamic movement are often composed a many smaller bones and muscles. If you observe further, you’ll see that the dynamic pairs, are firmly bounded in reach. Their starting position is set by the strong pairs.

An organization must closely consider when and where to be rigid, and when and where to be flexible. Without both, the organization becomes frozen in place. Either too much rigidity to move, or too much flexibility for strength are both fatal. A body has bones. An organization has priorities, culture, decision-making structure and many other artifacts. Those which are firmly held determine where the organization will be rigid. The right combination of rigidity and flexibility can yield great strength. But an organization, like a body, needs many combinations of rigidity/flexibility to be effective.