Agility is an Organism's Characteristic


A Gymnast is an agile athlete. But where is the gymnast’s agility from? Is it in their hands? Or perhaps their shoulders? Being agile is characterized by quickness, and ease of movement. The gymnast might have agile or deft hands. But their characteristic agility is from their whole body working in concert! I have deft hands too, but I wouldn’t call myself agile in the same sense as I would the gymnast. Agility is the ability of an entire body, not of individual members. But a curious thing happens when we try to apply agility to organizations. Many ‘Agile Transformations’ seem to only focus on making the ‘hands’ of the organization nimble. But how ‘agile’ can the hands be if the body can barely move? Organizations are organisms. Agility is an attribute of an entire body, an entire organism. Thus our transformations ought to be more akin to the gymnast’s training, than to typing.