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Daniel J Scheufler

Christian, Husband, Father, Software Engineer

Hello there! My name is Daniel Scheufler. I am a Principal Consultant with Improving Houston where I have developed software for oil and gas, telemedicine, eCommerce, and legal clients. I work mostly in the .NET Stack with React/Typescript but continue to add new languages and frameworks to my toolbelt. Of late, I have honed my focus on the communication aspects of my work. It is a common gag in Industry that Developers don’t speak the same language as ‘normals’ and I intend to bridge that gap.

In an effort to capture my experience, and to help others, I write a blog with interesting discussions on development as a practice, as well as some nuts-and-bolts topics. I have been developing numerous community talks on a variety of topics, naturally including Effective Communication and Effective Meeting Facilitation. Want to get to know me better? Reach out to me on LinkedIn, Github, check out my podcast, or via email. We can discuss lunch and learns, writing opportunities, pro bono work for nonprofits, or general questions.

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