TIL... How to resolve a Webpack Alias for Jest

2019-09-16 This post is over 2 years old

Recent work had me creating a webpack alias which would vary by build. I’ll post on that exercise later. But while using this alias I found I had broken some tests. Specifically, Jest, the test runner, could not resolve the imports which relied on the alias.

After a brief search, I found a recommendation. You should provide the alias resolution path in the ‘moduleNameMapper’ property. Since my Jest configuration was part of my package.json, I simply added a line like:

moduleNameMapper: {

It took some experimentation with the regex to get this path to resolve properly. Of particular note is the ‘(.*)$’ and ‘$1’ pair. They allow the alias to resolve paths like ‘AliasName/someApi’. They result in appending ‘/someApi’ to ‘path/to/resolution’.

Further, I used ‘’ as part of the path resolution, since this was how Jest recognized and exposed the present working directory.