Enter Bullet Journal

2016-11-22 This post is over 2 years old

In this digital age, I have learned the value of a to-do list. I’ve tried Trello, and even GoogleSheets, but nothing quite replaces the feel of paper, or the mental reminder I get when I physically write it down. I have been searching, but never liked the thought to just writing it on random sheets of paper. Or worse a ton of sticky notes littered through the house. Enter Bullet Journal. As you can guess, Bullet Journal is a system  to managing to-do lists. But what I particularly appreciate is, this system is designed to work for any notebook you might have lying around. The core is built around the Index, where the current notes, or lists, or whatever else you can think of are recorded, with their page numbers.  This way you can find all your notes again, or more retired lists when you no longer need them. Picture: My Bullet Journal Picture: The Index Besides the Index, several other list types are prescribed by the creator. Specifically the Annual plan, and the Monthly plan. The Annual is for long-term events, or necessary tasks. Things like doctor’s appointment and last days to enroll in school or the like. The Monthly is then for monthly tasks, and events, such as date-night or company potlucks. While not necessary, I have found these artifacts to be helpful in keep track of my life. Picture: The Future Plan Picture: The Monthly Plan But best of all, is that this system works within a single notebook! All my lists, and my various notes, like ‘Blog Post Ideas’ are in the one book. As long as I have the book, I have access to my ideas. The only down-side is that it is a physical only copy. But for me this is a worthwhile trade! Of course, a to-do list at the monthly level is not really useful. As a result, the creator expects the user to dive into a weekly level list. I have done this, and found that with my OCD, I prefer to keep them on a pair of pages. This makes my organization easier, and sates my desire for even-ness. Picture: A Weekly List If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to check them out and try your own Bullet journal!