Written 18 August 2022

Blog Re-stlye Launched!

In case you hadn't noticed, I've just launched a massive restyle of my blog. Where previously I had leaned into a kind of papyrus tone, I am not favoring a rich off-white, and a more coherent palette. I had originally been targeting a kinda wood-paneled study and leatherbound philosophy vibe. But that did not fit either my articles nor the industry I am part of. So welcome to the new Journeyman's Travels Blog! In the coming quarters, I am going to be experimenting with additional features. These will be in support of the other content initiatives that I am working on. Other Content initiatives? Read on!

Now available...

One of the projects I have been whittling away the evening hours with has been a book... or rather several books. I have been collecting simple exercises for practicing and improving skills; both developer and otherwise. I have been slowly refining these books over the last quarter or so. I am happy to announce them in concert with this launch. As part of this effort, I'd like to offer a coupon code for 50% off each of the books to anyone whose interested. All you need to do is:

  • visit any of the book pages listed below
  • add "/c/RestyleAnnouncement" to the end
  • and refresh the page.

Released Books:

This will apply the 50% discount to each book. The coupon will work until the end of September. I hope you find these exercises help you improve! If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or feedback tag me at daniel at scheufler dot io. Thank you for your support! Be on the look out for now content in the future on LeanPub, by checking my author's page

But wait! There's more! Keep reading in the next few minutes to find out about how I've been applying my 'radio voice'.

With a voice made for radio

One of the greatest compliments I have received in the recent past is that my voice would be great for radio. I will admit it touches me in a soft spot, as I wasn't always so confident about how my voice was received. But suffice to say that I finally started listening and thought trying my hand at podcasting would be fun! Someone pointed me to, and let me tell you! That tool is amazing! It is hands-down the best podcasting kickstart I could have asked for!

But don't worry! With all I am already doing, see 'father of five', I am taking a different approach to this project. I will still be experimenting, but on a more governed cadence. I plan to run a seasonal pattern, with about seven full episodes every quarter, with maybe two bonus or experimental episodes along for the ride. This season is already under way and the first bonus episode should drop soon! Please check it out on, Spotify, or even Google! I hope you find it enjoyable!

Continued commitment to service

So with all of this change, I want go back to basics, to Why. I started this blog to share what I was learning. My goal has been and remains to add value to our community by sharing the insights I receive. But I hope to point to more than just 'more effective work'. I believe we are human beings NOT human doings. So while effective work is good and necessary, it is not sufficient. I hope to share insights that leave the reader's life more vibrant and brighter than before. I thank you for joining me on that journey, and for your help in getting better. So here's to the brighter future, and the foundation that these projects will provide!