I’ve been interested in computers since a young age, even building them from parts with my father. Since then, I have done a little of everything, from replacing the CPU in my laptop to programming a semi-autonomous quad-copter. I pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering, focusing on robotics and computer. But I discovered my passion when I landed my first internship. Oddly, the act that took me over the hump was a mod I wrote for Minecraft. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and then married the love of my life the very next day. I have been pursuing Software Development ever since. I have worked in Oil and Gas, Tele-medicine, E-Commerce, and Legal Services. Being a Principal Consultant with Improving, I am eager to contribute to our community. I am happily available for UserGroups, workshops, Lunch-and-learns, and hackathons! Please feel free to contact me for further details. Email me at daniel at scheufler dot io. Or you can find me on LinkedIn and Github!