It is hard to follow a wavering guide


Have you ever tried to follow someone to a new destination? As a follower, it becomes very clear, very quick if the one you are following doesn’t know the way either! It is quite difficult to follow a wavering guide, and the same applies in our organizations. So then, how is a leader supposed to adapt to change, without being a wavering guide? It involved extending greater trust to your teams. You cannot stop at teaching them the behaviors, the ‘what’ to do. You must also teach them the principles leading you to that action, the ‘why’ you do it. Now when a better ‘what’ for pursuing that ‘why’ appears, you are free to adapt. The team will already know where you are headed. When you start marching on a different heading, they can march with you confidently. They’ll know the goal, and how you’re connecting their steps right now to it.