Postman Tutorial Series Now Available

2020-12-09 This post is over 2 years old

Today I am excited to announce that the first 2 videos in the promised Postman Tutorial series are ready to view! When I originally wrote about using Postman to demonstrate an Api Gateway, I had promised the start of the tutorial after Thanksgiving. Since then I have been tinkering with and iterating on my recording and editing practices. I have learned a lot, and I know I still have more to learn. That said I am pleased to be able to share the fruits of my labor in these two videos. I have another 3 or 4 planned for the future, and I’ll try to release at least 1 more before Christmas this year. I hope you all find these a useful introduction to a very powerful tool!

Part 1 Introductions
So I figured I’d start with the basics: What is the Postman thing anyway? Why might I want to use it? And of course that alone wouldn’t be super useful, so I included a walk through with an example system. This video covers the basics of how to create a new request in Postman, it’s basic contents, and some of the common patterns you’ll find. Then I take that basic example and step through 3 different verbs (GET, POST, and DELETE) in a reasonable approximation of how you might Test an API system.

Part 2 - Request Capture
So once you’ve got Postman started, what’s the quickest way to get rolling on a real system? Copy what already works of course! This video covers how you can use your browser to copy the requests it is already making, and import them into Postman.