2019-01-05 This post is over 2 years old

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why are are doing what you are doing? It can be a daunting questions for sure. And I find myself asking it most often during the New Year season. So as later drew to a close, I asked ‘Why are you writing this blog?’

As I pondered this question last month, I found many insights and several possible answers. The most struck to me was a quote of Derik Sivers:
‘What seems obvious to you can be amazing to someone else’ . Last year I found that one of my posts changed two others. And that they thought it worth linking to it. And through them the post reach 100 more people.

The post in question somewhat surprised me: ‘Code is read more often than it is written’. I wrote it a little over two years ago. I had a revelation about the nature of writing code, and attempted to capture my insights in this post. The idea struck me while I was on vacation, and I had to scramble for a pen before I lost the train of thought! This vacation-inspired post has touched many more than I hoped it might.

I write to improve the lives of the people who give my words any of their time. Last year blessed me with a gift that increases my confidence to do so. To any still reading, Thank you. I am honored to have any part of your time. I hope that I have made beneficial use of it. I hope this touch of hope might impact you also. May it encourage you to contribute in the way you are the best to. You are able and more worthy of the task than you know.