In a Season of Reflection

2018-12-22 This post is over 2 years old

I took some time this week to review my resolutions/goals from last year. I was trying to see what I could learn and what I could improve. While I did succeed in all my goals, I learned a couple things that might be useful if shared.

To being with 2 of my 3 year-long goals focused on relationship growth, one for family and more of church. And both these goals suffered from a similar problem. I phrased the goal in a vague manner. And in particular I phrased in such a way that any growth in the category could have marked as success.

But In reviewing the goal, I realize I had a particular end in mind for both goals, that was not stated. Further, I found that I had written them this way to ‘hedge my bets’. That is I left success vague so I could avoid the feeling for ‘failure’ if I missed the mark. A little silly, but something I should correct.

This year, I learned some new models to help frame, discuss and describe relationships. I have the tools to describe my goals better. But moreover I begin to understand why I feared expressing my true goals.

So this year, I plan to write my goals stating my actual ambition. Even if it is frighteningly beyond my current capabilities . To combat this, I will be writing up sub-goals, with something akin to the SMART template. I’ll be listing out smaller deliverable to help bridge the gap between the now and the future I am aiming for. The deliverable will usually be per Quarter, with a Specific Target to ‘succeed’.

These Quarterly goals I can then review and allocate time specifically to meet them. Last year, I had the goals written down and reviewed them about 3 times including the review I did this week. I am hoping to keep my activity more focused by having more frequent review.

In this season of Reflection, I hope that hearing how I shy-ed away from my truly hopeful Future, and how I plan to get closer next year will encourage you to do the same. Seek the goals which kindle your passion, and don’t hedge your bets!