Comments on a 'Pre-Game Routine' for code

2018-12-15 This post is over 2 years old

This post references, and reproduces one which first appeared on I reproduce it in part here with the Author’s permission and blessing. I encourage all to check out Claudio’s blog for more great content!

'I’ve first heard of having a “pre-game routine” in this post by James Clear, and have used to technique a couple of times. This week, I’ve decided to try it out as a “code writing warm-up”. 🙂

The idea is to write a little bit of code for a couple of minutes just to get my mind in that mode. I also decided to stack pair this new habit with either learning or getting better at something I see room for improvement. In my case, that’s ES6.’

He goes on to reference RubyKoans and a collection of ES6 katas. And since we work together I’ve had the chance to watch him do these 5-10 minute katas a handful of times.

As I read the post I remembered a handful of exercises I’ve used to improve my skills. In particular, I implemented examples of the Gang of Four Design Patterns in Python. I spent a little time here and there over the course of a month to complete my task. I walked through each put in place an example. I learned a great deal from implementing the patterns. And my designs improved . The first-hand knowledge that implementing each pattern provided has been very valuable.

I’d like to offer one last idea. /in support of Claudio’s original point, I recommend the Advent of Code, which I found last year. They post a new exercise each day of the Advent calendar. They’ve already started but you can still take part as they keep a list of their activities!