TIL... How to run a single suite of Tests in Jest

2018-06-19 This post is over 2 years old

So I was writing unit tests for my reducers, but got frustrated with the slow process of running the full test suite when I was tweaking a single test. I though, there’s got to be a better way! To the Internet! And TaDa, there was! Once you install Jest globablly, you can run a simple command to select the suite or suites you want to run:

jest --runInBand "{matchString}" 

This command will run any file whose name matches the given string. So if you wanted to run all the tests associated with the SuchAndSuchModule. You could use:

jest --runInBand "SuchAndSuch*" 

My thanks to be brilliant folks who answer stack-overflow questions! You can find the answer I did [here](http://uch a need. Here’s a rough example:)